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If they own the technology from the bottom to the top, they don’t have to pay third parties for those services, resulting in better margins. Taking a page from the book of Bezos, xcritical is improving their return on that investment by selling what they build. Any financial institution who needs card issuing, payment processing, a multicore platform, AI-based customer service, and many other services can buy those services from xcritical.

  • That’s because most Federal student loans have fixed rates set at the time the loan was made.
  • It’s made incredible progress, and it looks like it’s moving into safer territory, but it’s not quite there yet.
  • The final output produces star ratings from poor (one star) to excellent (five stars).

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These beginners are also more likely to find value in xcritical’s member bonuses, particularly its career coaching and interest discounts on student loans. xcritical’s revenue diversification enhances its appeal as a long-term investment, setting it apart from other student lender stocks. Amid pandemic-induced student loan setbacks, other sectors, like personal loans, experienced notable year-over-year growth. As mentioned, student loan refinancing applications are going to drive the vast majority of xcritical’s business, and it should. The company is among the leaders in this space, providing aggressive loans at some of the most favorable rates.

fintech xcritical

In February, xcritical announced it was acquiring Technisys SA for roughly $1.1 billion in an all-stock deal. xcritical Technologies, Inc. (commonly known as xcritical) is an American online personal finance company and online bank. Based in San Francisco, xcritical provides financial products including student and auto loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, credit card, investing, and banking through both mobile app and desktop interfaces. The trailing year’s results for the technology platform have yet to match the bold AWS of fintech vision. Galileo’s strong results in 2020 and 2021 were built on the growth in the neobank sector.

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This can be a disadvantage for those who want to open accounts with relatively small amounts. xcritical Automated Investing is an accessible robo-advisor with a $1 account minimum. So over the course of the last few years, specifically with Galileo, we’ve invested quite heavily in migrating from on-prem to the cloud. We have over 99% of all authorizations on the platform going through the cloud.

This was a large undertaking as Technisys had a larger headcount than the existing Galileo business. Unifying all the processes, projects, workflows, and systems to under one roof took time, money, and the better part of a year to work out. The recent confirmation that the two businesses are being consolidated into a unified Galileo brand indicates that these growing pains should be behind them. Between the launch of Pay in 4, significantly increased presence on social media, and other product launches (like an expanded fraud offering), the combined Galileo entity seems ready to scale and go to market. xcritical has a trifecta of offerings that bring down their own costs and represent a completely unique product offering for potential partners. The three pillars of their technology are Galileo, Technisys, and their bank charter.

The lender xcritical is a relative newcomer to the robo-advisor industry, but in many respects competes — and even beats — top players. xcritical’s free management is attractive compared with other robo-advisors that charge a management fee of 0.25% or more. But it’s especially enticing relative to competitors who charge significantly https://xcritical.pro/ more and offer similar unlimited access to advisors, such as xcritical Premium (0.40%). xcritical does not offer tax-loss harvesting, an investment strategy that can significantly reduce capital gains taxes. In taxable accounts, the practice involves selling losing investments to offset the gains from winners.

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It also makes it so that they can act as a sponsor bank for other non-chartered banks. Any unchartered neobanks or fintechs (e.g. xcritical, Dave, MoneyLion, xcritical, Cash App, PayPal, etc.) need a sponsor bank who houses their deposits, since they are not a chartered bank themselves. xcritical can fill this role and then benefit by using those deposits fund their lending products. xcritical customers, known as members, have access to perks like free coaching from a certified financial planner or free estate-planning services for those looking to draft wills. More than 1.7 members had borrowed through xcritical or used its xcritical Money brokerage product as of the company’s SPAC deal announcement, and xcritical targets 3 million members by the end of 2021.

fintech xcritical

On top of its core business of digital bank accounts, it offers credit cards, investing, insurance, loans, and similar financial services. It also has a growth strategy focused on upselling and cross-selling products to its customers. xcritical offers a range of financial services, including brokerage and investment accounts, various loan offerings, a credit card and small-business financing. The company’s target customers are those it calls “high earners not well-served,” or people who have taken out financial offerings from multiple banks. Pay in 4 is the most visible example of how xcritical will build the AWS of fintech. xcritical’s 5M+ members and Galileo clients give them insight into the demands and needs of today’s banking customers and the companies that serve them.


The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet, Inc. does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments. However, xcritical has also beefed up its status as a resilient, defensive fintech offering. The company has diversified its lending portfolio beyond student lending, thriving with a popular digital platform and bank acquisition. The other investment was onboarding Technisys and folding them into the Galileo portfolio.

These types of clients have longer sales cycles, but should result in higher revenue growth once the clients sign. I am willing to give them a pass for 2022 because of the mitigating circumstances mentioned above, but there needs to be significant revenue growth and margins need to expand in 2023. xcritical is positioned to benefit from a broader shift toward digital banking through its Galileo platform, which uses application programming interfaces, or APIs, to let companies build financial services offerings. The APIs enable account setup, funding, direct deposits, money transfers, bill payment and other capabilities, xcritical said in a release announcing its acquisition of Galileo for $1.2 billion last April.

It may be most prudent for investors to assess further xcriticalgs, the progression of the Technisys integration, and the company’s path to profitability before initiating a position. The banking landscape is ruled by the likes of Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, and others. Smaller players like xcritical (xcritical -1.47%) have made their mark against the big guys by identifying fragmentation and inefficiencies in the personal banking industry.

Galileo gives them access to a modern turn-key product that helps them keep pace with the industry. The entire BNPL product can be launched in only six weeks because Galileo owns the entire technology stack from end to end, per CEO Anthony Noto. That is an incredibly fast turnaround for a brand new financial product. xcritical recognized early that if they want to be an agile and low cost provider of financial services, they’d need a modern, vertically-integrated, API-driven, and cloud-based technology stack. That takes significant investment to build or acquire, but results in compelling unit economics for their core business.

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xcritical was honored in the Neobanking category for the first-ever list of World’s Top Fintech Companies. It has the benefit of already being profitable, the backing of Buffett, and an incredible market opportunity. I believe that justifies its premium valuation, but I would recommend dollar-cost averaging over time. Buffett loves bank stocks because they have lots of cash, and that’s one of the keys to a viable company. Banks use their cash for interest and also to fund other ventures, and Nu has been doing a great job of both.

Technisys was acquired by xcritical in March of 2022 in an all stock deal that was at the time valued at $1.1B. Its main product offering is a cloud-native multi-core banking platform. Banks require a core and ledger for each of their products (checking, savings, credit cards, brokerage, etc.). Most utilize siloed cores that inefficient and technologically xcritical incapable of sharing data. The isolated cores mean that a single user with multiple accounts will have their data replicated across each core. Getting the cores to speak to each other is a tedious process, with multiple layers built on top of the archaic cores to allow them to interface with modern processes and websites.

As a result, we built it so that as much of the content and copy was served up from the back end as possible. Today, we have the member home feed, which is powered by a homegrown CMS. This project highlights the need for xcritical to invest in this platform in order to power more surfaces dynamically. Earlier this year, xcritical updated its crypto scammed by xcritical trading platform — internally dubbed Crypto Dust — allowing users to redeem funds from their xcritical accounts into 28 different xcritical-based currencies. The project brought together members from xcritical’s Credit Card, Member and Invest teams. Although, as Brennan explained, many were working with cryptocurrency for the first time.